Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The dreaded overdue fine & public library hours.

I find it very baffling when parents are displeased with me because their child has racked up an insane amount of overdue fines (which is really hard to do, because I don't charge the kids that much at all - just enough to hopefully instill a sense of responsibility in them & to motivate them to return things on time). Apparently it is my job to constantly chase after them & remind them that they do actually have to return the book(s) at some point and that they can't just keep them.

Quite frankly, these kids are in secondary school now, and a stamp on a "date due" slip should be sufficient in my view. A couple of students have had books since September 2012 and of course they are newer titles that other students have been wanting to borrow all year! Yet I should let this go without any sort of penalty? Doesn't seem fair to me.

Do parents not want to instill in their children to respect the fact that items that are borrowed must be returned, and must be returned on time? In all facets of life? What happens when these kids rent a car and return it 6 months late? You better believe there will be a hefty fine! Or what happens when they make their car payment late, or send in their apartment rent late? More fines, or evicted! There are going to be a lot of tough lessons being learned in adulthood.

I would also like to complain about the fact that almost all of the public library branches in my city are closed on the weekends in the summer! Some are also even closed on certain weeknights. This definitely makes it difficult to pick up the books I placed on hold! Also a loss for the kids who are stuck in the city on the weekends that might be getting into trouble or just wasting time now instead. I'm sure there are some of them who would like to be relaxing in a nice teen space and reading. The city is slowly renovating & updating some of the branches and it would be nice to see some expanded hours in the future as well.

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