Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I don't always shush people in the library, but when I do, it's because you're shouting into our courtesy phone.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ew ew and EW!

Nothing like cleaning blood off of a book on a Wednesday morning...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting ripped off by publishers.

A girlfriend of mine posted about this on Facebook the other day & I thought I would share.

Can you believe the gall of some publishers? Both books have a strikingly similar title, an almost word-for-word back cover summary, same page count and PERFECTLY duplicated information on corresponding pages. It's a gently repackaged reprint, sold to the library as a different book!

Have any of you ever seen something like this before? Tell me about it in the comments!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The dreaded overdue fine & public library hours.

I find it very baffling when parents are displeased with me because their child has racked up an insane amount of overdue fines (which is really hard to do, because I don't charge the kids that much at all - just enough to hopefully instill a sense of responsibility in them & to motivate them to return things on time). Apparently it is my job to constantly chase after them & remind them that they do actually have to return the book(s) at some point and that they can't just keep them.

Quite frankly, these kids are in secondary school now, and a stamp on a "date due" slip should be sufficient in my view. A couple of students have had books since September 2012 and of course they are newer titles that other students have been wanting to borrow all year! Yet I should let this go without any sort of penalty? Doesn't seem fair to me.

Do parents not want to instill in their children to respect the fact that items that are borrowed must be returned, and must be returned on time? In all facets of life? What happens when these kids rent a car and return it 6 months late? You better believe there will be a hefty fine! Or what happens when they make their car payment late, or send in their apartment rent late? More fines, or evicted! There are going to be a lot of tough lessons being learned in adulthood.

I would also like to complain about the fact that almost all of the public library branches in my city are closed on the weekends in the summer! Some are also even closed on certain weeknights. This definitely makes it difficult to pick up the books I placed on hold! Also a loss for the kids who are stuck in the city on the weekends that might be getting into trouble or just wasting time now instead. I'm sure there are some of them who would like to be relaxing in a nice teen space and reading. The city is slowly renovating & updating some of the branches and it would be nice to see some expanded hours in the future as well.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday afternoon shifts...

I just had a patron come up to me and ask "where is the art section?" ummm...we're a MEDICAL library...

We have also had not one, but TWO patrons yell at us across the library for help. Both times it was for something related to Facebook. Are you kidding me?! I always find it to be the rudest thing ever when someone is too lazy to just walk the 10 feet to the desk & instead they'd rather wave their arms frantically until someone notices them or they just yell over to us & disrupt everyone else in the library who might be trying to do actual work.

Also just had a woman walk in & say she "needs to check out the pocket dictionary". Sorry, but again we're a MEDICAL library so we only have regular sized dictionaries or dictionaries specifically related to pharmaceutical or medical terms. This reminds me of the story someone from an aquaculture library sent in about a patron coming in on several occasions and demanding a copy of the Koran.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Broken things.

Ah, the day of the broken printer. Where even after you put an "out of order" sign directly on the front of it, you still have 50+ students & staff asking "is the printer broken?"

No. I just made that sign and requested technical support for fun.

Although it WOULD be nice if the computers in the library could connect to one of the other printers in the building.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Its a long one...

But worthwhile & important in my opinion...

Michelle Martinez, Assistant Professor and Reference Librarian, and Scott Vieira, Assistant Professor and Electronic Resources Librarian at Sam Houston State University are conducting a survey on how librarians and library staff view the collection of sexually related materials for libraries - whether for education, entertainment and/or research purposes. 

By completing the survey, you can choose to be entered into a prize drawing for one of four Amazon gift cards at a $25 value. Click the link below to participate.

Please feel free to pass this survey on to your library colleagues.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reading of instructions (or lack thereof).

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people manage to make it to adulthood (or even just THROUGH LIFE) with absolutely no ability to read instructions or just to use common sense & attempt a bit of standard troubleshooting.

Exhibit A: People who do not have library cards with us are required to sign up for a temporary internet pass. Once you open up Firefox or IE & leave the library's website, a box will pop up prompting you to login. The computers themselves don't require a password - the computer "name" is already entered by default & you just need to hit the enter key & the desktop will load. This is all explained very clearly in a box RIGHT ABOVE the login box on the computer screen - yet about 80% of people try to login to the desktop & wind up coming back to the circulation desk for help.

Exhibit B: One of our public photocopiers isn't used very often in the evenings & usually gets turned off by a day staff member near the end of their work day (to save energy). Right on the side of the photocopier, near the front, there is an on/off switch & a piece of paper taped right above it that clearly labels this - yet about 99% of students will come up to the circulation desk and tell me "the photocopier isn't working" or "the photocopier is broken" rather than simply use common sense & try the on/off button.

Do I expect too much of people? I'm beginning to wonder...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Shushing the librarian.

There's nothing like having a patron come up and shush YOU, the library worker, in the library (sorry you couldn't handle the 30 second video spot I was showing my coworker). Especially when said patron is consistently the last one to leave at the end of the night & you & your coworker have to stand there & wait for her to pack up her stuff. EVERY. TIME.

If it were any other patron my coworker & I might have understood, but I am really irritated that a patron with so little consideration for the staff would have the gall to try to tell us that OUR behavior is unacceptable to her. Unbelievable.