Monday, February 20, 2012

Gettin' your jollies @ the library.

From H.K. in Canada:

One Saturday afternoon several years ago, a male patron came into the library (we are an academic library) asking for access to the internet (we often give out temporary passes to visitors). His only identification was his prison inmate ID card! This was the first red flag.

He went up to the second floor and proceeded to watch poronography at one of the computer terminals. A female student came down to the circulation desk and complained about it. My coworker went upstairs to verify, and he was indeed watching porn and masturbating under the table. We then called security who went upstairs to remove him. When they approached him he said, "Wait til I'm finished."

Security dragged him out anyway, thank God. He was not happy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Farting @ the library.

From Miss L. in Canada:

Back in my library school days I did a 2 week work placement in an elementary school library. During a storytime with the kindergarteners one afternoon, a boy in the middle of the group let an adult-male sized fart rip. There was a moment of dead silence, then the boy next to him stuck out his arm and pointed in his face and exclaimed, "Say excuse me!!!!" The culprit turned bright red and bowed his head in shame. I nearly died trying not to laugh. That was the best moment of the entire work placement.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Science vs. religion @ the library.

From Maria who works in an Aquaculture Library:

One day we had a local scientist come in and demand our copy of the Koran (Quran). Which, obviously, we had no copy of as we are a strictly acquaculture/fisheries/ocean focused library. My coworker and I spent a good 10 minutes explaining to him that we are a science-based library with no religious materials. He then asked if we had a copy of the Bible, and if we did have a copy of the Bible, why didn't we have a copy of the Koran? (He jumped to conclusions on this one.) I then explained that we didn't hold a copy of the Bible either. He then told us that we should get one.

And that was the end of the Koran emergency - he really needed a copy of it for up in his office I guess.