Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas holidays @ an academic library.

Services the library does not provide (no matter how many times you try to rephrase the question):

- Logging in to your son's account (over the phone no less) to see what he owes the university money for. If it's that important, tell him to get his butt out of bed and come down to the library where he can use one of our computers to login himself.
- Write up tax receipts for donations to the university.
- Allow you to come behind the desk and use OUR circulation terminal to browse the internet because the internet on our public terminals is temporarily down.
- Look up eBay auctions for you over the phone so that you can "save a trip".
- Stay open past our regular hours so that you can stare at us like a creep while you "wait for your friend".
- And no, we don't have a special storage locker in the library for you to store your books in every day.

Anyone else have some fun Christmas stories to share?

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