Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BUSTED. Big time.

This one reminds me of a time back when I was still shelving at the public library. I made the mistake of going to use the public ladies room (it was so much closer than the staff bathroom) and walked in on two gross-looking girls getting all hot and heavy in the middle of the bathroom! They couldn't even be bothered to go in a stall! (I say that as if it would somehow have been better?)
Or there was the time I found a used condom in the stacks.
Oh, or the time a teenage girl was sitting in her teenage boyfriend's lap and they were making out on and off for about an front of everyone. Lovely, people. Just lovely.

Now on to our story from Ed in Melbourne:

I was on a date with a lovely young lady - it was our third or fourth date, and things were going along very well and it was pretty obvious that we were getting to the point of being crazy about each other.  So, we went along to the Supreme Court Library (where else do you take a hot date?)
We found our way up to the top floor where there are wonderful views across Melbourne - it's a domed roof with windows looking out in all directions.  Coming off this domed roof are surrounding rooms, filled from floor to ceiling with shelves, and we found ourselves in a room surrounded by old, massive volumes of legislation from the 1800s.  There was nobody in sight, and it looked like there hadn't been a soul in the room for years.
So, being the passionate couple that we were, we started our affection for each other.  Which involved clothes being left on the floor, and both of us enjoying each other's company. Very much.
And we were into the moment, into each other, and for several moments didn't notice the judge, and the supreme court librarian who had turned up (who knows for how long?) at the end of the aisle who yelled out at us.
Suffice to say, we were both banned from coming back to the supreme court library.

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Lurker said...

I'm sure tons of lawyers would kill to have the balls to have done that.

Having said that, don't interfere with the legitimate uses of the library that way...