Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feces @ the library.

Has anyone ever been walking around in the stacks only to come across a steaming pile of human feces on the floor? Not even far from the public washrooms?
I have.

I also once had a mother come up to me while I was shelving and ask if it was okay to change her baby's diaper on the floor inbetween the stacks. I informed her that there was a changing table in the ladies room that she could use. She said she didn't want to do that because "he might fall off". But she was also worried that someone might walk by and see her changing her baby (duh). I told her she could do whatever she was most comfortable with, but that I couldn't guarantee that no one would walk by. I am almost 100% sure it wasn't in my job description to "stand guard" over mothers who don't want to use the proper changing tables provided.

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Lurker said...


I would think that, as a matter of public health, you wouldn't want people doing that outside of the restrooms on any account.