Saturday, July 16, 2011

Skippin' school

Our first patron submission! I thought this was very cute. From Rachel in San Francisco:

I love libraries. I love the hunt for information and the discovery of great books. My fondness brings me to the library so much that I've collected a few stories of my own even though I don't work there (but I sometimes wish I did).

My love affair with libraries began when I was little. So little that I had to reach above my head to access the top row of the card catalogue. Every trip with my mother I would go to find more fairy tale and folklore books to absorb. When I got older (my teens) I started to look at symbolism and Wicca. I went through every single book available at my local branches and school library which was easy because they were so limited.

It was around my 7th grade year that my friend told me about the new main library in San Francisco. I had never been and was so thrilled at the prospect of a 6 story building dedicated to books. Needless to say my friend and I decided we would go ASAP, only we decided to go right after homeroom. Anyone who has ever been to the SFPL main branch can tell you that the neighborhood is not the place for 13 year olds. The journey down there is a story unto itself.

We spent the rest of the school day perusing to our heart's content. When I got home later, my mother asked "why did she get a call from the school about my truancy". I explained to her that I felt I would learn more at the library than at school. My mother, understanding the many holes in the public education system here in San Francisco, replied "Oh. Well, don't get caught next time."

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