Saturday, July 2, 2011


I especially loved this submission because we had a very similar incident occur at my own library not too long ago. At first I wondered if the patron described below was dressing up for dress like a pirate day (talk like a pirate day?), but then realized that it probably did not exist 20 years ago when this story happened.

Last year we had an employee at my library come in to work dressed up as a pirate for what he claimed was dress like a pirate day. Staff and patrons were equally freaked out and amused! Our dress code was (and is) so slack and undefined that the supervisors couldn't even find grounds to send him home to change! So for the whole day we had a pirate sitting at our circulation desk! He had even requested to talk like a pirate as well, but that was decidedly "too much" and the supervisors wouldn't give him permission to do it.

Now, on to the story from Kerry From Everywhere:

This happened in NYC almost 20 years ago and stands out as one of the definite highlights:

I'm originally from the Midwest and this was in my first year as a librarian and in NYC. A customer walks in with a pretty standard reference question. However, he is dressed as a total pirate. And I don't mean a Long John Silver generic pirate - an actual crusty, salty pirate. And he has a similarly-attired monkey on his shoulder. Still green in the profession and not sure what to do, I shook the monkey's hand and fully answered their reference question. It was only as they walked away that I noticed that he was also sporting a full sword and scabbard attached to his hip. He had broken two rules of the library - no pets and no weapons...but he and the monkey were both such gentlemen, I'm glad that I handled it the way that I did. My parents still remember the phone call I made to them that night.

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