Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another one from back in the days of shelving...

This one is from sometime back in January of 2010.

As I'm walking back to my cart to grab another handful of books for shelving, the following conversation ensues:

Creepy Male Patron: Hey ma'am!
Me: *Turns around, with my ever perfect "ready to serve" smile* (I always initially expect the best from everyone.) Yes?
Creepy Male Patron: I know you from somewhere! *weird sideways look*
Me: No, I don't think so?
Creepy Male Patron: Really? You're my age aren't you?
Me: *blank, unimpressed stare*
Creepy Male Patron: 29.
Me: Haha...nope. (At this point I'm thinking "okay buddy, I know what game you're playing at, just give it up already.)
Creepy Male Patron: Oh! University of ****?
Me: ...No.
Creepy Male Patron: Well, there's never a bad time to be introduced to someone! I'm ****.
Me: And I'm ****, nice to meet you then.
Creepy Male Patron: *Starts to walk even closer to me, yabbering on about something I don't quite remember at this point*
Me: *Walking away to maintain my special box of personal space* Sorry, but I have work to do.

After the first few times, it becomes very annoying when socially awkward men come to the library seemingly for the sole purpose of creeping on a girl. Things like this happen all too frequently to myself and many of the other girls who are shelvers at my city's main public library branch (which is in the heart of our downtown, of course).
I can see why some of our more seasoned staff who work in reference and circulation prefer to remain behind the desk; working out on the floor affords too many opportunities for what I refer to as full contact librarianship.

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Aryq said...

As a male librarian, I'd just like to say, this happens to US too. I even had one patron who would regularly call in and request me - which is good when your manager hears that people specifically like your work - but is bad, when the patron is obviously a bit self-medicated. After I answered her ref questions, she asked some very inappropriate things. I'm pretty sure she came into the library and talked to me in person, it sounded like her voice, but she didn't id herself. Creepy, nonetheless